Interview with “top 10” fashion designer Zekaryas Solomon

Fashion fans, we have a treat for you. Zekaryas Solomon, who was recently named as one of Africa’s top 10 male designers – and nominated best male designer of the year 2011 at Beffta awards and best male designer of the year 2012 at Fashions Finest – is interviewed in tomorrow’s Adal Voice of Eritrea programme.

The show is broadcast every Sunday and the interview with Zekaryas Solomon is on 30th June, from 11am.

Eritrean born Designer, Zekaryas Solomon is based in London. His collections are produced in the UK.

Solomon spent his early years in the Republic of Sudan before moving to Germany as a young boy.

He initially studied Architecture, Art and Design in Wuppertal, Germany, graduating in 2005. He spent four years working as an Architect whilst developing a passionate interest in fashion design. In 2010 he graduated with a master’s degree in Pattern Design & Garment Technology from London College of Fashion.

Solomon draws inspiration from his Eritrean heritage, re-interpreting traditional costumes with a futuristic, functional edge and also, being trained originally as an architect; the clean lines and impeccable structure is evident in his designs.

Listen to the interview this Sunday at 11am on 93.2FM or through our live stream.  The show will also be available as a podcast afterwards, here.