Heavy Duck EP Review

Heavy Duck EP – Who the Duck!?

I have been fortunate enough to have once again been given new music to take home and listen to . This time it is the brand new EP from Sheffield’s own Heavy Duck, Who The Duck!?

When I first listened to the EP in its entirety it struck me that within seven tracks the group have very cleverly managed to use everything in their itinerary to showcase the range of genres and sounds they are capable of.

If I’m honest there were points where the vocals seemed almost a little foreign to the music, as if two totally different bands were performing together and lyrically there is room for improvement. The song Big Balls performed by a growling Slimmbob was a significant contrast to the rest of the EP and proved that for Heavy Duck although music is about being deep and meaningful, a little bit of humour never hurts.

I found it really difficult to pin Heavy Duck down within a particular genre as they clearly have taken so many wide influences from rock, indie and punk bands and mixed them together. Combining genres in this way is certainly a courageous act and can produce wonderful pieces of music, however, it is a double edged sword and can be a very risky move.

People do tend to purchase music based on the genre, often other things follow from this choice of a particular sound of music for example the way somebody may choose to dress. Having a band that doesn’t seem to have found its sound yet is both a wonderful thing as they have so many options they can take and will excel in any direction they go in; I just believe a direction needs to be decided on.

I’m very excited, not only to see what the band come up with next, but finally to get to see them perform live.

What next?

  • Heavy Duck are playing The Hop on the 23rd July and The Royal Standard at Tramlines on the 27th July
  • You can download their Who the Duck!? EP from their Bandcamp page