From Brazil to steel city for folk fan

Dave Eyre and Sam Hindley of Sheffield Live's Thank Goodness It's Folk programme and guest Tiago Lucas

Dave Eyre and Sam Hindley of Sheffield Live’s Thank Goodness It’s Folk programme and guest Tiago Lucas

Thank Goodness It’s Folk, which airs every Friday from 10am to noon, is a long-running staple of the Sheffield Live schedule. Some of its listeners enjoy it through FM radio (93.2FM in Sheffield) and some through the livestream from and apps like tunein.

This means that Thank Goodness It’s Folk – like most of our shows – attracts a worldwide listenership.

So it was great to invite a listener and folk fan from across the world into the Sheffield Live radio studio this Friday to participate in Thank Goodness It’s Folk.

Tiago Lucas is an English teacher and fan of all folk music of the British Isles. Tiago is from Santo André, a Brazilian municipality located in the metropolitan region of São Paulo.

Tiago is a regular and long-standing listener to the show, currently living in Dublin. Sangita Basudev, chief executive of Sheffield Live, said,

“we’re absolutely thrilled that Tiago enjoys the show – and we were delighted to welcome him to visit us and take part.”

Listen to the podcast of the latest (17/10/14) episode of Thank Goodness It’s Folk.