Drop Dead Angus – Apocalyse Now EP review

I feel as if I’ve been waiting my entire life to review a local band that have managed to avoid being sucked in to the incredible black hole that the Arctic Monkeys have left behind in Sheffield. It’s nice to see some other genres emerging that perhaps aren’t quite as in fashion as the folky/indie scene that is prominent at the moment.

These tracks are energetic, exciting and entice you to get up from your seat and start moving which is exactly what this genre expects from you. It’s the kind of music that makes you want to learn every lyric and sing along. If I were to draw comparisons they remind me very much of a slower paced Rise Against and this is huge compliment.

There are hundreds of people in Sheffield sat twiddling their thumbs waiting for something like this to happen and here we have it. It appeared that when MySpace died so did Sheffield’s love of heavier alternative music and I think I could be time for it to make a reappearance and genuinely believe that Drop Dead Angus could be the ones to start things up.

I would really like to see these guys play live – I can only imagine the atmosphere to be incredible.

The digital album can be bought here https://dropdeadangus.bandcamp.com/ for just £5! Can I also just mention how wonderful that artwork is!