Students Union elections at Sheffield College

Sheffield College Students Union elected its new officers for 2016/17 with more candidates standing than ever before. The Union, which was relaunched in 2012, confirmed the election of eleven officers whose roles include student support and representation on the College’s governing body. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Amy Smith, new president of Sheffield College Students Union.

Jeremy Corbyn: Labour can climb electoral mountain

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a focus on the next general election in his closing address to the Labour party conference. Corbyn was re-elected on Saturday for the second time as Labour leader with a majority of 61.8 percent. He said Labour should build support by focusing on the “needs and aspirations of middle and lower income voters”.

Momentum Sheffield celebrate Corbyn victory

The Sheffield branch of Momentum were in buoyant mood as they made their way to Liverpool to celebrate Jeremy Corbyn’s expected victory in the Labour leadership contest. Corbyn has since been returned as Labour leader after comfortably beating challenger Owen Smith. Corbyn won 61.8 per cent of the vote, a larger majority than last year and vowed to bring the party back together. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke with members of Sheffield Momentum.

Corbyn in Sheffield for election rally

Thousands turned out for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership election campaign rally in Sheffield. Corbyn, who is being challenged for the leadership by Pontyprydd MP Owen Smith, addressed around 2500 supporters from the steps of Sheffield City Hall. Issues he spoke to included the housing crisis, saving the NHS, and calls for an inquiry into Orgreave.

Lots gave Labour West Ecclesfield victory

A tie in the number of votes for two candidates in the West Ecclesfield ward meant a drawing of lots to see who would take the seat. The names were written on two pieces of paper and put in separate envelopes which were then placed in a ballot box. The winner Labour’s Zoe Sykes name was drawn out and she was duly elected.

Labour leader nominee comes to Sheffield

Hundreds of people gathered in Tudor Square this afternoon to hear Labour Leader candidate, Jeremy Corbyn’s speech. The organised event inside the crucible filled the nine hundred and fifty seats available. Before speaking to people in Sheffield, Corbyn told Sheffield Live about his campaign and what he plans to bring to the role if he wins. He begun by talking about renationalising the railways.