Father had to choose which daughter to stay with

Trevor Hicks told the Hillsborough inquest how he went between both of his daughters trying to resuscitate them.  He also said he felt “dreadful” after choosing to go to the Northern General with Vicki, leaving Sarah behind thinking she would be in the next Ambulance. Both his daughters Sarah 19 and Victoria 15 died on the 15 April 1989 at Sheffield Wednesday Football Ground. They were two of Ninety-six Liverpool fans who were fatally injured when Liverpool played Nottingham Forest FA Cup semi-final.

Solidarity demo for Asylum Seeker in Sheffield

A demonstration was held today to stop the extradition of Janahan Sivanathan an asylum seeker who lives in South Yorkshire.  Janahan is a Tamil from Sri Lanka.  It is estimated that around 100,000 Tamils have either been murdered or gone missing during the Civil War. The Home Office says it does not comment on individual cases.

Sheffield marks D Day

A ceremony commemorating the 71 Anniversary of D Day took place at Bakers Pool in Sheffield. Veterans were joined by members of the public to pay their respects and pay tribute to those who took part.

Local research in to secondary breast cancer makes major break thorough

University of Sheffield have announced ground breaking research  into the prevention of secondary breast cancer. The research in partnership with the University of Copenhagen has found that high levels of  a particular enzyme is what leaves to secondary or metastatic breast cancer. The pioneering research, co-led by Dr Alison Gartland at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Human Metabolism, could lead to a better prognosis for cancer patients in the longer term.

Kerry Needham “most confident she’s been in finding her son in 24 years.”

Kerry Needham returned from Greece after making a TV appearance on a missing persons show with her Mum Christine.  Kerrys’ son  Ben went missing on the Island of Kos nearly 24 years ago when he was just 21 months old.  Over 80 people responded to the programme saying that they had information about Ben.  Kerry and Christine both feel confident the new leads will give them the answer to where Ben is.

Hindu Festival of Chariots celebrated in Endlciffe Park

The Rathayatra Festival was celebrated in Sheffield for the second year running.  The Hindu Festival original believed to be 5,000 years old,  has the deities, Lord Jagannatha and his sister Subhdara and brother Balabhadra travelling through the streets on Chariots so that the wider public gets a chance to see them. Lord Jagannatha is one of the representations  of Lord Krishna.  When the British first saw the Festival they were said to be so over awed by the size of the Chariots that the name Jagannatha became the root of the word Juggeranaut in English.

Event to try to save Sheffield trees and woodland

An event that is looking at Sheffields’ trees and woodland is taking place this weekend.  The event which is called Action for Woods and Trees is being organized as part of Sheffield Environment Weeks one of the aims of the event is to  to establish a network of groups help manage our treescapes  for future generations.