Hillsborough inquest hears of youngest victims last moments

Jon Paul Gilhooley, 10  was the youngest of the 96 Liverpool fans to lose their life. Former Police Officer Phillip Woodward gave evidence in to Jon-Paul’s death and described the scene at Hillsborough as ‘like walking into hell’. The jury heard how the young cousin of Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard, attended the match with his uncles.

Kerry Needham travels to Athens

Kerry Needham is appearing on Greek TV in a missing persons show to talk about her son Ben who went missing 24 years ago.  Ben Needham was 21 months old when he went missing while he was playing outside his Grandparents farmhouse on the Greek Island of Kos.

30 years on Davis pots the black

Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor talked to Sheffield Live! about the famous black ball final and who they think are the people to look out for this year. They replayed the last shot of the famous black ball final of 1985 where Steve Davis missed the last pot allowing Taylor to walk away with the Championship.  Davis potted the black ball 30 years on.

Women’s history told

March is women’s history month.  An event that celebrated that history was held in Sheffield which enabled visitors to met some of the women from our past and find out more about them.

Call to act on Climate change

Over a hundred people took part in a singing flash mob at the Railway station today on their way to the Time to Act march in London.  The march is taking place to call on Politicians to act on climate change.