Party in the Sky launches Design Week

This weekend is the start of Sheffield Design Week. Park Hill Flats is hosting the launch with activities, food and drink being available through the weekend. Some of the flats are open to the  the public to see what renovation is taking place there.

Hindu Festival of Chariots celebrated in Endlciffe Park

The Rathayatra Festival was celebrated in Sheffield for the second year running.  The Hindu Festival original believed to be 5,000 years old,  has the deities, Lord Jagannatha and his sister Subhdara and brother Balabhadra travelling through the streets on Chariots so that the wider public gets a chance to see them. Lord Jagannatha is one of the representations  of Lord Krishna.  When the British first saw the Festival they were said to be so over awed by the size of the Chariots that the name Jagannatha became the root of the word Juggeranaut in English.

Young people reach for the stars

An exhibition that is encouraging young people to take up careers in Manufacturing, Engineering and Aviation took place at Magna.  One of the projects based in East Yorkshire has people aged between 11 and 18 years old building a plane which they will then learn to fly.

Sheffield City Giants celebrate St. George’s Day

The Lord Mayor was presented with a St. Georges Cross badge to celebrate England’s national day by the City Giants.  Peace who is one of the Sheffield City Giants made an appearance inside the Town hall where an audience also saw more traditional sword dancing.  A bigger celebration will be taking place on Saturday 25 April at 11:00  outside the Town Hall.

999 Funday held at The Moor

The National Emergency Services Museum held a 999 funday on The Moor.  The day included showing people road safety skills and an inflatable smoke house which helped people learn how to get out of a fire situation safely.

2,500 ducks race down Porter Brook for charity

The annual Great Sheffield Duck Race took place in Endcliffe Park.  The 2,500 rubber ducks all make a dash for the finish line over a 600 yard course.  The ducks all have numbers written underneath them and over 6,000 people bought one of the numbers.  If your duck is one of the first 40 to cross the finish line then you win a prize.  Last year the race raised £9,000 for the restoration of Forge Dam.  This year the money raised will also go to the clearing up of Forge Dam.