Business Live: avoiding twitter tangles; supporting independent restaurants

What do digital law and independent restaurants have in common?

Well, both topics were covered on our Business Live radio programme this morning.

Most businesses, social enterprises (and of course charities and public facing organisations) will agree that social media is an essential part of their marketing, communications or customer engagement strategy.

But high profile examples of organisations (large and small) getting things wrong on twitter or facebook – and paying a costly price whether legally or in loss of reputation and business, show that social media can be a minefield.

Digital Law is an interesting area; in some ways legislation is only just catching up with reality.

Peter Wright is the managing director of Digital Law UK and specialises in the law relating to websites, copyright, social media networks, intellectual property, data protection, privacy, security and encryption. Peter was a guest on our Business Live show this morning and helped to navigate through the legal minefield of the law relating to social media.

Also in the studio on today’s Business Live programme was Otto Damahi, owner of The Mediterranean Restaurant and Otto’s Restaurant in Sheffield.  Independent restaurants in Sheffield are warning customers to “use them or lose them” as they face competition from chains offering huge discounts. But local independents circulate more money into the Sheffield economy, buy more local food, and are often considerably less expensive for a meal out. Otto joined me to explain how his restaurants have managed to survive and thrive for so long and through a tough climate – by offering great value and building customer trust.

The show today also covered businesses news – RBS; equity investment into British firms; and the new State of Sheffield report.

You can listen to the show via the podcast (which will be available for 60 days from today 28.2.14) – access it here.