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50% reduction for stall holders in Moor Market

Market traders in the new Moor market are going to get a 50% reduction in rent in the hope that the new prices will encourage more people to set up stalls.  Family days and other activities are also going to be held during the summer to try and attract more people to the area.  The old Castle Market is currently been knocked down. The number of shoppers expected at the market has never been achieved and because of the recession many stall holders have had to close down.

Be Wise and help reduce crime

Certain types of crimes increase during the summer time.  As the days get hotter we leave our windows open, might not lock our front doors as we have our BBQ in the back garden.  Be wise is a new campaign to remind people of simple and practical steps that can be taken to cut down on crime in the region.

4 July is Sheffield Pride Day.

Sheffield Pride is taking place at the  Sheffield Students’ Union at the University of Sheffield. the festival will have various activities, music, and food and drink .  Pride is hoping to re start the local gay scene in Sheffield.

Orgreave Justice Campaign call for full public inquiry

The Battle of Orgreave took place 31 years ago during the miners strike and a rally is being held to remember the event.  The IPCC recently unannounced that it would not be investigating what happened on 18 June 1984.The Orgreave Peace and Justice campaign have said they are not surprised by the decision and is now calling for a full public inquiry in to the events.

Local authors publish book

A new creative writing group which has been meeting at the Archer Project has released its first book of memoirs, fiction and poetry. The group called Unscribe has received funding from Sheffield Hallam Student Union.

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