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Public underestimate scale of youth homelessness

A new report by the End Youth Homelessness Campaign suggests public opinion greatly underestimates the scale of youth homelessness in the UK. The findings show that most people believe there are less than 50,000 homeless young people in the UK whereas studies indicate more than 83,000. The study also revealed commonly held misconceptions, with nearly half of people citing drug or alcohol addiction as among the most common reasons for homelessness. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke to Claire Collingworth of homelessness charity Roundabout.

Chilypep win lottery award for work on community cohesion

Chilypep, the Sheffield-based charity working with children and young people, have been awarded a three year Big Lottery grant to bring communities together in the north of Sheffield. The project called Respect and Understanding Builds Inclusive Communities (RUBIC) will support young leaders to act as community anchors and help resolve tensions between different community groups. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Lesley Pollard, managing director of Chilypep.

Duke Street centre gets makeover

Last week, a group of youth from Sheffield United FC’s National Citizenship Service programme embarked on a mission to renovate Duke Street Community Centre in Park Hill. Young people aged 15-17 took up the challenge to give the centre a well needed make over, and during the week took part in various fundraisers to raise money for the project.

The NCS is a government-funded scheme, which is being delivered by several Sheffield organisations including Sheffield United FC and Sheffield Wednesday FC. The scheme offers other programmes around the country every year.

Shot and Edited by Jonathan Harrold. Voiceover: Vicky Kilby