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UKIP councillor urges party leader to resign

Councillor for West Ecclesfield and UKIP party member, John Booker, has called on his party’s leader Henry Bolton to step down, telling Sheffield Live! that Bolton’s position “is untenable”. On Monday, a dozen senior UKIP members quit their roles, including Bolton’s deputy and assistant deputy over offensive texts sent by his ex-girlfriend. Bolton has insisted he will not quit as leader. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!


UKIP puts party “scuffle” under investigation

The UK Independence Party have started an inquiry into the incident that saw MEP Steven Woolfe admitted to hospital. The incident, described as a “scuffle” by UKIP’s temporary leader Nigel Farage, came after Woolfe was reported to be one of the favourites for election as the party’s next leader. Sheffield Live! reporter Shamaan Freeman-Powell spoke to UKIP councillor and former police inspector Jack Clarkson.