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Premier league boost for Sheffield economy

Sheffield Council chief executive Kate Joseph told Sheffield Live! the Blades promotion to the Premier League will boost the city’s economy. Speaking to Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh she said: “The Premier League nationally brings more than £7 billion in growth into the country and Sheffield is going to get a slice of that”. Her comments came after Sheffield United sealed automatic promotion to the Premier League after two years in the Championship.

Join the Sheffield Live! Fantasy Football League

Sheffield Live! is running an open Fantasy Football League for ‘Talking Balls’ listeners and anyone else keen on Premier League Football.

Tune into 93.2FM every Friday between 6 and 7pm for a weekly league table update with Jonathan Cordingly and Daniel Rutherford on ‘Talking Balls’.

The Sheffield Live! league is registered on the official Premier League website and it’s free to join.

1.Enter your team on www.fantasy.premierleague.com

2.Then join the Sheffield Live! league by entering the code: 112309-28652