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Campaigners call to revoke lap dancing licence

Campaigners have handed a petition to Sheffield Council demanding the local authority immediately revoke the licence for the city’s only lap dancing club, Spearmint Rhino on Brown Street. The petitioners say private investigators found that “no touching rules” were not enforced, which would place the venue in breach of its sexual entertainment licence. Responding to the claims the club said: “Spearmint Rhino imposes strict rules at all of our establishments to ensure they comply with the regulations which govern our premises. If those rules have been broken we take the matter very seriously.” Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Niche Night Club given green light to continue

Sheffield Council Licensing Committee has decided not to revoke the Niche Night Club licence after a recent stabbing incident led to the premises being temporarily closed. Earlier a group of supporters held a march to campaign for the club to remain open. The venue was closed after five men were injured in an incident believed to have started at the night club. The club will re-open subject to meeting a number of conditions including an increase in security staff and a review of training and security arrangements. The club will also be required to use plastic cups instead of glasses. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to march organiser David Blythen.

Lapdancing licence approved despite protest

Sheffield lapdancing club Spearmint Rhino has had it’s license renewed for a further twelve months despite over 100 formal objections being made to Sheffield Council. The licensing committee of Sheffield Council imposed new restrictions however including a requirement that club signage be concealed during daylight hours. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Private hire operators required to give radio service to Sheffield badge holders only

A loophole in the law which has allowed over seven hundred taxi drivers to operate in Sheffield with licences issued by councils hundreds of miles away is set to end. From 1 November, private hire taxi companies will be obliged to give radio service only to Sheffield badge holders under new Sheffield City Council regulations. Sheffield Live! reporter, Simon Thake spoke to Ibrar Hussain, GMB union representative.

Sheffield taxi drivers rally against licence loophole

A loophole in the law has allowed over seven hundred Sheffield taxi drivers to operate with licences issued by councils hundreds of miles away. Over four hundred of the licences were issued in Rossendale, Lancashire. The news has sparked concerns over safety and welfare. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke with taxi driver and GMB Sheffield union representative, Ibrar Hussain.