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Gig review: Cold Summer, Corporation



Cold Summer – Corporation Nightclub 18/03/2014

It was an impromptu decision to go and watch my second favourite group from Wakefield (after The Cribs of course) play Sheffield’s wonderful Corporation nightclub, writes music-loving Sheffield Live listener, volunteer and gig correspondent Jade Knox.

The first thing that was in stark contrast to a lot of groups I’ve been watching lately was the showmanship of Dan Feast (lead vocals) who actually jumped off stage to interact directly with his audience and (at the risk of sounding unprofessional) ‘went mental’ dancing and pouring his soul into his performance. When an band or artist truly believes in the sound they are producing it provides a superior experience for everyone involved, just the occasional glance from drummer to bassist and smile from guitarist to singer can make a gig just that little bit more pleasurable to attend.

My one and only grumble about this show was the ever-so-slightly preachy feel that came over me when the lead vocalist gave a small speech on the topic of the music of today, expressing that he felt that none of it was really any good, which is something I completely disagree with.

There are plenty of hardworking non-manufactured DIY bands – not only in Sheffield but all over – that work incredibly hard and sound fantastic, however on the same note I also understand that you do often have to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I did agree with the message that artists and bands should be assessed and judged on a measurement of their talent and sound rather than how they look or decide to dress, but this is a bit of a utopian idea of the music industry – a business where how you look is makes a huge difference.

The band played in Corporation’s smaller room; excellent for a gig like this one which allowed Dan to get right up close and personal. It was an immensely engaging performance and musically the band were above and beyond what I was expecting. The genre they work with is post-hardcore/rock, a genre which I’ve not a lot of experience with, however, it doesn’t take an expert to see just how technically talented this group is.

The set felt a little short and it would have been nice to have heard one or more tracks as after twenty minutes I was quite immersed in the music.

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Review: Little Comets / Catfish and the Bottlemen

Jade Knox

Jade Knox

Despite treacherous conditions fans flooded from all directions and lined up patiently outside of one of Sheffields’ long established and loved venues, The Leadmill, writes music-loving Sheffield Live listener, volunteer and gig correspondent Jade Knox.

The bands we’d come to watch (on 12th February) were Catfish and the Bottlemen and Little Comets.  I was taken aback but totally chuffed by the fully loaded Leadmill – the venue can certainly pull in a crowd!

The first band to play were a band I’d not previously heard of called Catfish and the Bottlemen who had a massive fan base; I’d go as far as to argue that they had a bigger audience than the headliners. I was slightly shocked by the band’s sound, it was heavier than I was expecting but it was a welcome surprise. Despite clearly being very much loved by their fans, personally, I just wasn’t blown away, not through any lack of talent or enthusiasm I guess it just wasn’t my cup of tea. I think without the silence and announcements I wouldn’t have been able to differentiate between tracks and I wasn’t much fond of all the swearing between songs either. The group did have fantastic stage presence however and everybody got involved, the lead singer was charismatic and humorous which are both brilliant qualities for a frontman. Although it wasn’t something I think I could get into it was clear that a lot of people were very into Catfish and the Bottlemen and I’m certain they will go far.

This would be my second time seeing Little Comets play, my first at the BBC Introducing stage at Leeds Festival 2012 where I quickly fell in love with them.  The group were welcomed by a huge cheer when they arrived on stage and they by no means disappointed. Little Comets are one of those bands that are flawless when they play live, I’ve attended gigs in the past where I’ve barely recognised my favourite songs being performed because it’s sounded so different from the heavily tweaked studio recording. They made beautiful smooth transitions from slow gentle melodies into much more energetic lively songs such as “One Night in October” and “Joanna”. This group have a considerable amount going for them and it does not go against them that they are all absolutely adorable. Keep doing the north proud!