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Cars destroyed in Parson Cross arson rampage

Police have appealed for witnesses after eleven cars were set on fire in a three-hour rampage in Parson Cross on Friday night. Thousands of pounds of damage has been caused, with some of the vehicles almost completely destroyed. The incidents happened on Herries Road, Barrie Crescent and Morgan Road between 11.30pm on Friday night and 2.00am on Saturday morning. Victims told Sheffield Live they were unsure whether insurance would cover the costs.

Campaign launched to tackle arson

Police have launched a new campaign to combat incidents of arson. ‘Connor’s story’, it tells the fictional story of local teenager, who alongside his friends, sets fire to the contents of a wheelie bin. It explodes in his face, leaving him with severe facial burns. They’ll be using social media and putting stickers on bins to get the message out. Well, last year, South Yorkshire Police dealt with six hundred and eighty one incidents of arson. It’s a joint initiative with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, which will run until the end of the year. Head of Community Safety at South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service, Kevin Ronan, told our reporter Kathryn Smiles more about the campaign.

New fire safety campaign

By Alice Rose

A fire service campaign which intends to make people aware of the danger of electrical chargers has won European backing.

The campaign was started up by South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue following a house fire in which five members of the same family sadly lost their lives.

It is thought that the fire was probably caused by a faulty charger.

Linda McAvan, MEP for Yorkshire and Humber, is backing the campaign to help stop fires, such as the one in Netheredge, from happening again.

“We are doing all that we can to reduce fires in the home at a European level. MEPS have legislated to standardise chargers for mobile devices to both reduce environmental waste and to save you money.”

The legislation was voted on by MEPS in March this year and was approved by ministers in April.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue’s Station Manager Darren Perrott, said:“Most people probably have several electrical chargers lying around at home at any given time, but all we’re asking for is a little bit of common sense when charging them.” Mr Perrot continued “What we’re particularly concerned about is unbranded chargers which can be bought cheaply over the internet. You should only buy chargers which are compatible with the device you are charging, and never leave things charging overnight.”