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Alpaca trekking in the Andean village of… Crosspool

Holly Hagg farm in Crosspool has become the base for an unusual trekking experience with growing demand for walking tours with their small herd of alpacas. The South American domesticated animals have become a big hit as walking companions on a trekking route that takes in the Rivelin Valley and views over Stannington. Holly Hagg started offering alpaca walks for fun in 2016 but they are now a regular event with demand so high that bookings must be made in advance. Volunteers are on hand to ensure the experience is enjoyable both for the alpacas and the public. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

New piglets at Heeley City Farm

A Sheffield farm has become the new home to seven piglets.

They are a rare breed and have been attracting much attention from the visitors.

Heeley City Farm has been targeted by youths over the years. In April there were five break ins over five nights.

They broke into the cash office, but after finding little money lying around, they caused deliberate damage to the farm.

Now the volunteers are concerned for the safety of the animals.

Kathryn Smiles has been to Heeley City Farm to meet the new arrivals.