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Bus service cuts prompt public ownership call

Passengers’ anger at bus service reductions in Walkley and Hillsborough has led to calls for bus services to be returned to the control of local authorities. Hillsborough councillor George Lindars-Hammond told Sheffield Live! that rising fares and cuts in services were unacceptable and that the private companies responsible should be brought into public ownership. Azz Mohammed reports.

Train passengers face fare hikes in 2018

Train commuters condemned 2018 rail fire price increases which have been estimated to average 3.4 per cent. The Department of Transport say the price rises are capped in line with inflation and will improve the network but protest have been organised in Sheffield and across the UK. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to train commuters and Sheffield Labour Councillor Ben Miskell.

Rail commuters protest against fare increases

Sheffield rail users voiced their anger at the latest rise in train fares at a demonstration outside Sheffield station. The protest was part of a countrywide action by commuters and other passengers following the announcement of fare rises averaging 2.3% for a single fare journey. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!