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Sheffield engineering students seek Parkinson’s solution

A Sheffield University engineering competition sets students a challenge to improve the lives of people with a disability or impairment. The ‘Make a Change’ scheme asks students to put their engineering skills to practical use. Past winners have gone on to win prestigious awards and recognition. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

College construction begins

Sheffield City College have started work on a new Technical, Engineering and Design Centre on their Olive Grove site.  The project which is called TED is aiming to make Sheffield the place to come to if you want to study any of the three disciplines.

Student in top 16

An 18 year old girl in Sheffield has been awarded a top engineering scholarship. Chloe Adams-Pickford won an Institution of Mechanical Engineers’ Undergraduate Scholarship. These were presented to the top 16 engineering students across the UK. It’ll contribute two thousand pounds per year towards her engineering science degree. Kathryn Smiles spoke to Chloe earlier, as she prepares to begin her studies at Oxford University on Friday.