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Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind celebrate World Braille Day

Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind are commemorating the birth of Louis Braille on the 4th January 1809 creator of the Braille system for reading by touch. In 1829 Braille published his ‘Method of Writing Words, Music and Plain Songs by means of dots for the blind’. Braille is still commonly used around the world by blind and partially sighted people. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!

Blind Veterans UK 100 Anniversary

The Blind Veterans UK charity are celebrating their one hundredth anniversary with a photography exhibition that’s touring the UK. The exhibition was created to showcase the talents of some of the veterans the charity supports. The veterans could enter work from five different categories. Pieces by the winners and runners are part of the display, which begun here in Sheffield. Kathryn Smiles went along to the exhibition whilst it was at the Winter Gardens to find out more.