Some ‘this week’ music picks from Sheffield Live presenters

Sheffield Live’s schedule features current affairs, comedy, sport, film reviews – and of course all sorts of music. What have our presenters and volunteers been listening to this week? A few picks:

Chris Welch of Sounds Like This (Sundays, 5 – 7pm): Sophie – ‘Bipp’ – “Big ‘n’ brashy and stays on the right side of cheese,” and Pipes – ‘Crooked Love’ – “Crunchy soulful house from a Sheffield legend.” Sounds Like This podcasts.

Laurence Peacock of the Communities Live (weekdays 12 – 1) team: “I’ve been enjoying Gillian Welch‘s album The Harrow and The Harvest, which I discovered via Max Munday’s “Introducing” interview with Pete David on Americana. Current fave track is Dark Turn of Mind: equal parts soulful and mellow.”

Alex Bassett of the LGBT Hour (every Wednesday, 2 – 3pm): Make it Stop (September’s Children) by Rise Against. “From album Endgame, it is about LGBT people committing suicide and how the band want it to stop because they are getting bullied for being who they are and they say it’s wrong because there is nothing wrong about it. The track is based on real teens who took their own lives in the month of September a few years ago.”

Lee Price of Vancouver Manouver (Saturdays, 1pm-3pm) has three picks for us:

“1. Kid Acne‘s ‘South Yorks’ – Sheffield’s multi-talented Kid Acne released this a few years back on his ‘Romance Ain’t Dead’ album.  It’s a great local take on Boogie Down Productions’ seminal ‘South Bronx’… It’s all the sounds you love from the 80’s BDP joint brought bang into this time and place.  This came from a discussion about rappers using local dialect and accents in their music.

“2. Hot For Astronomy’s ‘East Van’ – Hot chicks from East Van recount seedy misadventures on the seedy side of town over seedy electronic sounds.  Their current EP ‘Drugs Rock, Sex Roll‘ (free download) is bangin.  Literally.

“3. Moxy Fruvous ‘Gulf War Song’ – A song from the first Gulf War era with a message that stands up today, sadly.  These guys were a really entertaining Canadian pop accapella group in the early 90’s.  Really cheesy stuff, like – however this is a serious one and I let it fly last week.  Jian Ghomeshi from the group looms large nowadays as a media figure in Canada, being a journalist and presenter for the CBC and other media.”

The Hot for Astronomy and Moxy Fruvous tracks featured on the 7th September edition of Vancouver Manouver and Kid Acne’s ‘South Yorks’ was on the 31 August show. Podcasts are here.

Jamie Veitch (presenter of Steel Fingers, Steel Wheels on Saturday at 10am): “Today’s show featured a track from Adam and the Ants’ first (and completely different to the rest) studio album, Dirk Wears White Sox. The track was Digital Tenderness. Also played Nick Drake, The Payroll Union, and La Roux on the show.” Podcast is here.

Graham Marshall of Spirit of the Wapentake (wednesdays, 5 – 7pm): “This week both Sinead and I indulged ourselves. Sinead’s favourite track was ‘There She Goes’ by The La’s. It takes her back to when she was young(!) My track of the week was the very last on this week’s show, the live version of Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin.  I remember hearing it for the first time when I was a door to door breadman. One of my customers was playing it at full volume in his house with the windows open. It sounded amazing; don’t think his neighbours were as enthusiastic for some reason.” Listen to both on the podcast of this week’s show.

Andy Cooper of the Communities Live team: “This week Rednex‘s biggest hit ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ has been going around my head. Ex Rednex singer Julie Anne (AKA Scarlet) is now a solo-artist, writer and producer, and was a guest presenter with Charlotte and myself on Communities Live’s 12 September show. Also Emily Heath’s Cliffdiving has proven very catchy – and Emily was a fabulous interviewee on the show on Thursday.” Listen to Communities Live, 12 September, including guest presenter Scarlet and interview with Emily.

Dale Le Fevre of the Max Chance Show (Tuesdays, 5pm) and (sometimes) the Mix Tape Show – 6pm on Tuesdays: “Last Tuesday I played ‘Autobahn’ by Kraftwerk on the Mix Tape Show, first track. It’s a 23 minute track and I like it because it brings back memories of when I first moved to San Francisco. A guy I met there liked the track a lot. I’m not crazy over it, but I do like it and find it interesting. I came across it again while I was in Germany at my friend Wolfgang’s. He played it and his wife, Marianne, gave him a scolding – she was trying to do something on the internet and it made her unable to concentrate. Wolfie had gone to a concert of Kraftwerk’s at a museum. He said the audience was over 80% male. Hmmn.” Listen to the Podcast.

Dave Eyre of Thank Goodness It’s Folk (Fridays, 10am – noon) The Spooky Men’s Chorale – ‘The Fiddle and the Drum’ – this week’s show also featured an interview with Nancy Kerr. Here’s the full playlist and link to the podcasts.

A few picks here from some of our presenters. Remember, if you miss your favourite programmes on Sheffield Live you can download the podcasts afterwards. And why not discover some new music by tuning into a few more shows?