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Sheffield marks D Day

A ceremony commemorating the 71 Anniversary of D Day took place at Bakers Pool in Sheffield. Veterans were joined by members of the public to pay their respects and pay tribute to those who took part.

Local research in to secondary breast cancer makes major break thorough

University of Sheffield have announced ground breaking research  into the prevention of secondary breast cancer. The research in partnership with the University of Copenhagen has found that high levels of  a particular enzyme is what leaves to secondary or metastatic breast cancer. The pioneering research, co-led by Dr Alison Gartland at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Human Metabolism, could lead to a better prognosis for cancer patients in the longer term.

Kerry Needham “most confident she’s been in finding her son in 24 years.”

Kerry Needham returned from Greece after making a TV appearance on a missing persons show with her Mum Christine.  Kerrys’ son  Ben went missing on the Island of Kos nearly 24 years ago when he was just 21 months old.  Over 80 people responded to the programme saying that they had information about Ben.  Kerry and Christine both feel confident the new leads will give them the answer to where Ben is.

Hillsborough inquest hears of youngest victims last moments

Jon Paul Gilhooley, 10  was the youngest of the 96 Liverpool fans to lose their life. Former Police Officer Phillip Woodward gave evidence in to Jon-Paul’s death and described the scene at Hillsborough as ‘like walking into hell’. The jury heard how the young cousin of Liverpool Captain Steven Gerrard, attended the match with his uncles.

Rotherham roll out Adopt a Post Office Scheme

Concerns raised by Rotherham Older People’s Forum and Age UK about community safety have lead to them working in partnership with South Yorkshire Police and the Post Office. The scheme will see a Police Community Support Officer designed to a Post Office to give reassurance to those using the services.

Young people reach for the stars

An exhibition that is encouraging young people to take up careers in Manufacturing, Engineering and Aviation took place at Magna.  One of the projects based in East Yorkshire has people aged between 11 and 18 years old building a plane which they will then learn to fly.

30 years on Davis pots the black

Steve Davis and Dennis Taylor talked to Sheffield Live! about the famous black ball final and who they think are the people to look out for this year. They replayed the last shot of the famous black ball final of 1985 where Steve Davis missed the last pot allowing Taylor to walk away with the Championship.  Davis potted the black ball 30 years on.