Football Unites – remembering the Truce

In the early hours of Christmas Day 1914 the German soldiers began to sing Silent Night and lit candles around their trenches.  Later on they walked out in to no mans’ land shouting Merry Christmas to the allied soldiers.  So began the Christmas Day Truce.  German and Allied soldiers exchanged gifts and talked.  They took the opportunity to bury their dead.  But one of the best know events of the day was the game of  football.  100 years on Sheffield Live! Spoke to local organisation Football Unites Racism Divides to talk about football as a uniting force.

Xmas celebration Victorian style

Sheffield Industrial Museum held its 22nd annual Victorian Xmas market at Kelham Island. The Town Crier, Morris Men and a Punch and Judy show entertained those attending,  alongside characters from the Victorian era who, added to the atmosphere.

Beating the winter blues

A day full of fun activities including Graffiti Art, Zumba and Tia Chi  was held in Lowedges, to combat  isolation and to bring different sections of the community together at a time when the nights are drawing in and the cold weather can make it more difficult to get out.

Firearm amnesty a success

Fifty two fire arms, including a pair of black powder muskets, have been handed in to the police as a result of a twelve day firearm amnesty in South Yorkshire.  Over 600 rounds of ammunition were also given up.