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Sheffield Live! Overnight Service

Presented by: Shefffield Live DJs
Produced by: Shefffield Live DJs

Tuesday 1 am - 9 am

Our overnight service offers the chance to hear shows re-broadcast from the day schedule, plus a selection of our favourite music from around the globe.

About Sheffield Live!

Sheffield Live! exists to give members of the community the chance to be involved in radio. Through Sheffield Live! you will hear many different voices, accents, stories, music and languages. We give air space to local musicians, bands, DJs, composers and writers. Sheffield Live! bringing you the sounds of a lively and diverse City and fights to break down the barriers of stereotype. Listen to us on 93.2fm and you will hear a City that reflects the voices, sound and music of the world.

3 thoughts on “Sheffield Live! Overnight Service

    1. Not Graham Marshall (Honest)

      It would be great if the people of Sheffield had the chance to hear South Yorkshire’s No. 1 FM rock show, ‘Spirit of the Wapentake’repeated either late on, or early morning soon after the original FM proadcast on Wed.

      1. KARAN

        Can u play ” Stay with me” by Thunder tonight please it’s for someone very special to me thank you

    2. Rose

      For those interested in seeing my choir’s performance of Christmas Celebration, it can be seen on Sheffield Live today between 8 and 10 pm. The first half will be repeated on Christmas Day at 6.30pm and the second half same time Boxing Day.
      Happy Christmas Eve.

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