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Gig review (and interview): Back to Verona

Review: Back to Verona, West Street Live, 25/02/14 by Jade Knox

Back to Verona at West Street Live. Photo © Jade Knox

After meeting these lads while I sat in on the Local Talent Show on 28/02/14 (podcast of this show – featuring an interview with three of the band – is here), I wanted to see the band in action and showed my support at West Street Live last Tuesday, writes music-loving Sheffield Live listener, volunteer and gig correspondent Jade Knox.

I’d been intrigued by them initially by the range of different genres they appeared to move through, and in the Sheffield Live! studio I heard three tracks that all felt entirely different.  The vocals of one of the tracks played in the studio reminded me of one of my old favourite bands Avenged Sevenfold – a pretty big compliment.

Arriving the at the gig I managed to catch a couple of bands before Back To Verona played their headlining set. It became apparent very suddenly why the group took the top slot. Musically and vocally the band outshone any previous acts I saw that evening a thousand times over, it was a completely different ball game.  The entire group performed confidently and looked as if they were having an amazing time whilst doing so – which in turn made me have a wonderful time too! Stage presence and audience interaction is something I will always mention as I find it can truly make or break a gig but Back To Verona were very likeable and fun to watch.

Back to Verona. Photo © Jade Knox

Back to Verona – click to view at full size. Photos © Jade Knox

Although it is clear the band are still deciding on their sound, elements of every genre they have experimented with have been spot on. It was mentioned in the interview on the Local Talent Show that there had been a change in relation to band members and I must say if the group dynamics weren’t beautiful before – they certainly are now.  I look forward to seeing where these guys go because I’m certain it will be far.

Luckily West Street Live had no issues with me bringing my DSLR and I was able to take a few shots of the band at the gig.

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