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Heavy snow blamed for disruption

The Siberian cold blast, dubbed the Beast from the East, has led to many school closing and caused widespread travel disruption. More than 550 schools across Yorkshire closed on Wednesday as a result of the wintry conditions. An amber weather warning still remains in place across the country. In South Yorkshire, some roads were also closed due to heavy snow fall. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to drivers on South Street in Park Hilll.

Gritting lorries out to keep Sheffield moving

With cold temperatures and snow arriving from Siberia, gritting lorries have been out in force to prepare for the expected impact on roads and traffic. The met office have predicted the weather will worsen over the course of the week and police have asked people to make journeys only where necessary. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Lynsey Connelly, highways maintenance operations manager for Amey.

Clearing up snow clearance myths

By Amna Kaleem

Before you start clearing the snow from your driveway and pavement, let’s clear up some misconceptions around the myth of legal liabilities. It is believed that one can become legally liable for clearing public pathways if someone trips or fall.

The Department of Transport and the Department of Communities and Local Government have repudiated this misconception in a guide they issued in November 2010.

To find out Sheffield City Council’s position on the issue, we spoke with Cllr Shaffaq Mohammad, cabinet member for communities, who told us about the legal support the council is offering in this matter.

Snow myths

The report was aired on Communities Live on December 10, 2010.