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Boeing to invest £20 million to build new factory in Sheffield

US aircraft manufacturer Boeing has announced plans to open its first European commercial factory in Sheffield, creating at least 30 jobs. If approved, the company will invest £20m to build the plant which will be next to the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre founded in 2001 by Boeing and the University of Sheffield. The company said the factory, at Catcliffe in Rotherham, could also lead to new jobs in the supply industry.

McLaren to bring 200 jobs to Sheffield in £50 million deal

Sheffield University have signed a £50 million deal to bring luxury sports car manufacturer McLaren to a production site near the University’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Rotherham. The company will build a new chassis factory in South Yorkshire creating more than 200 jobs. Construction will begin this year, with full production of the advanced carbon fibre chassis expected by 2020. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!