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Tenants union protest over eviction

Acorn tenants union mounted a protest outside West One lettings agency over the company’s eviction practices. West One agency said, “As a professional and experienced Landlord we are perfectly aware of both the tenants rights and our rights and whatever the outcome of this matter the tenant can be assured that correct procedures will be followed”. Azz Mohammed spoke to Acorn member Maryam Wright.

Campaigners block Abbeydale Road family eviction

Dozens of protesters mounted a successful blockade at a property on Abbeydale Road to prevent eviction of a family from their home. Campaigners from ACORN anti-eviction group said the family had been forced to live with a pest infestation and disrepair, including damp and broken furnishings, but when they complained to the landlord they were served with an eviction notice despite being up to date with their rent. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Council moves to evict last of Tent City residents

A group of homeless people living in tents near Park Hill flats have been evicted by Sheffield Council after organisers were told to clear the site. The informal camping site for the homeless started in October last year and became known as Tent City. The site was closed down a few weeks later by organisers after the local authority stepped in to offer support for the homeless occupants. After tents reappeared in December the Council told organisers to clear the site or face a £2,000 fine. Sheffield Live! reporter Baillor Jalloh spoke to Tent City organiser and homelessness campaigner Anthony Cunningham.