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Plaque to honour women’s suffrage campaigners

A new plaque to honour Sheffield women’s suffrage movement activists who campaigned for the right vote is to be installed at their former shop on Chapel Walk. Following a campaign to honour the women by Sheffield Young People’s Equality Group, and a successful crowd-funding appeal, approval has now been granted and the plaque will be installed on International Women’s Day on March 8. The plaque forms part of the celebrations to mark 100 years since the passing of the Representation of the Peoples Act 2018 which gave women over 30 and ‘of property’ the right to vote. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Liberians in Sheffield hope for peaceful transition

Vote counting has begun in the West African state of Liberia in the run-off presidential election between Vice-President Joseph Boakai and former international footballer George Opon Weah.  Former chairman for the Liberian Association of Sheffield, Prince Taylor, told Sheffield Live! many Liberians in the diaspora are hopeful there will be a peaceful transition of power in the country. Turnout was low in the boxing day polls but the result is expected to lead to the first smooth transfer of power in 73 years. Mr Weah, 51, won the first round, but did not secure the required 50 per cent of the vote for an outright victory. Legal challenges delayed the vote to replace Mrs Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, who is Africa’s first elected female president. Baillor Jalloh reports.

Sheffield young Tories defend poor poll performance

A YouGov poll of 50,000 people estimates 63 per cent of voters aged between 18 and 29 supported Labour in the General Election compared to just 22 per cent for the Tories. Earlier this week Sheffield Young Labour held a rally to protest Tory proposals to negotiate with the Democratic Unionist Party to support a minority government. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke to Sheffield Hallam Conservatives for their perspective on the election.

College campaign promotes voter registration

The Sheffield College are encouraging students and young people to register to vote in the General Election ahead of the deadline on Monday 22 May. The College have loaned a portable voting booth from Sheffield Council to raise student awareness of elections and voter registration. It is touring college campuses before the voting registration deadline following a launch at the Olive Grove campus off East Bank Road. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Steve Kelly, head of student services.

Gill Furniss MP opposes Yorkshire mayor proposal

Brightside and Hillsborough MP Gill Furniss has issued a joint statement with other South Yorkshire MPs criticising the idea of an elected mayor for Yorkshire and The Humber. The statement was in response to a call by fellow Labour MP Jon Trickett at a Wakefield conference who has proposed a directly-elected mayor to run a single devolved region taking in the whole of Yorkshire and the Humber. Trickett’s proposal comes after a mayoral election for the Sheffield City Region was pushed back to 2018. The delay followed a High Court ruling about a flawed consultation process. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke to Gill Furniss.

UKIP puts party “scuffle” under investigation

The UK Independence Party have started an inquiry into the incident that saw MEP Steven Woolfe admitted to hospital. The incident, described as a “scuffle” by UKIP’s temporary leader Nigel Farage, came after Woolfe was reported to be one of the favourites for election as the party’s next leader. Sheffield Live! reporter Shamaan Freeman-Powell spoke to UKIP councillor and former police inspector Jack Clarkson.

Our General Election Coverage 2010

The UK general election was held on the 6th of May 2010 and turned out to be one of the most tightly fought and important this country has seen in generations. Although the Conservatives won the largest number of votes and seats, they still fell short of the 326 seats needed to have an overall majority. The first time this has happened since 1974 and only the second time since the ‘Second World War’ that a UK general election has returned a hung parliament.

Sheffield’s Full General Election Results

Sheffield’s Full Local Election Results

On a local level, Sheffield Live! was there every step of the way. Our team of reporters and presenters broadcasting both the ‘General Election’ & ‘Local Council’ results; along with all the interviews and comments from the people that matter. We started at 1am in the morning and didn’t stop delivering the news to you till 6pm that evening.

Our reporting team throughout the event were: Paul Gregory, Sangita Basudev, Charlotte Dobson, Amna Kaleem, Mickey Conn, Ross Drayton & Simon Thake. Below you can hear some of the highlights from their coverage.



The Night-time Shift: 1am till 6am
Presented by Paul Gregory

[audio:http://web.sheffieldlive.org/wpress/2010election/Election%201.mp3|titles=Night Time Election Coverage|artists= Paul Gregory]

The Breakfast Show: 6am till 9am
Presented by Ross Drayton and Simon Thake

[audio:http://web.sheffieldlive.org/wpress/2010election/Election%202.mp3|titles=Breakfast Election Coverage|artists=Ross Drayton and Simon Thake]

The Afternoon Show: 12pm till 3pm
Presented by Sangita Basudev & Mickey Conn

[audio:http://web.sheffieldlive.org/wpress/2010election/election%203.mp3|titles=Afternoon Election Coverage|artists=Sangita Basudev and Mickey Conn]

The Late Afternoon Show: 5pm till 6pm
Presented by Amna Kaleem

[audio:http://web.sheffieldlive.org/wpress/2010election/Election%204.mp3|titles=Late Afternoon Election Coverage|artists=Amna Kaleem]