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Anti-fracking campaigners march in Eckington

Hundreds of campaigners and local residents joined a No Frack Day rally at the proposed INEOS fracking site near Eckington. The rally began at Coal Aston Village Hall with a march to the proposed site in Bramleymoor Lane, off Marsh Lane. Campaigners highlight the dangers of fracking and are urging the government to promote safer and sustainable energy sources. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Sheffield campaigners support McDonalds strike action

With US fast food giant McDonalds facing its first ever strike at two sites in the UK, a solidarity protest was organised outside the company’s Sheffield city centre branch. Bakers Food and Allied Workers’ Union supported workers in Cambridge and Crayford are striking over pay and conditions, seeking a minimum of ten pounds an hour and an end to zero hour contracts. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Martin Mayer, secretary of Sheffield Trades Union Council.

Council injunction on tree protestors comes in to force

The Sheffield Council injunction to prevent direct action by Sheffield tree protesters comes into force on Wednesday following the recent court decision. Campaigners trying to stop the felling of Sheffield trees have announced they will not appeal against the injunction. Protestors standing inside safety zones erected around the trees will risk immediate arrest. Sheffield Live!! reporter Azz Mohammed spoke to Green Party councillors Alison Teale and Douglas Johnson.

Doncaster bin strike called off

A five day bin strike in Doncaster has been called off by members of the Unite union after a new offer on pay and jobs was agreed with private contractor Suez. Union members had threatened to stage a series of walkouts but now say the pay dispute has been resolved after a revised offer was accepted unanimously. Sheffield Live! reporter Simon Thake spoke to Unite officer Shane Sweeting.

Sheffield councillors welcome HS2 announcement

Lib Dem group leader on Sheffield Council, Shaffaq Mohammed, confirmed cross party support in Sheffield for the just announced HS2 route via Sheffield’s central train station. The high speed route will offer twice hourly journeys from central Sheffield to London. The news has been broadly welcomed by businesses and the public but there are some that oppose the decision with houses set to be lost in the process. Azz Mohammed reports for Sheffield Live!

Campaigners welcome withdrawal of tree protest injunction

Campaigners have welcome Sheffield Council’s decision to suspend a temporary injunction preventing protestors taking direct action to stop tree felling. A hearing was held in Leeds on Monday with the council seeking a high court injunction to prevent protesters in Sheffield from campaigning at locations where contractors are at work. The injunction will now be suspended pending a full three day civil trial scheduled for 26-28 July. In the meantime no further letters threatening injunction are to be sent out to tree protestors. Sheffield Live! reporter Azz Mohammed, spoke to tree campaigner and Green Party councillor Douglas Johnson.

Sheffield city centre station confirmed for HS2

Government has announced that Sheffield city centre train station has been approved for connection to the high-speed rail route HS2. The route will provide two trains an hour between Sheffield and London. The decision has been welcomed local businesses and politicians. Baillor Jalloh reports for Sheffield Live!

Citizens Advice seeks delay to Universal Credit roll out

Citizens Advice Sheffield has called on the government to fix the new Universal Credit welfare scheme before it is further rolled out in the city. Sheffield has a temporary Universal Credit ‘live service’ for people with straightforward claims but the charity has warned that implementation has been problematic, putting people at financial risk as they wait six weeks or more for their first payment. The numbers struggling to set up on the Universal Credit scheme could grow rapidly from July 2018, when ‘full service’ arrives, meaning anyone still in receipt of older benefits, such as tax credits or housing benefit, has to apply for Universal Credit. It is projected that 69,000 households across Sheffield will be moved to the Universal Credit scheme by 2022. Simon Thake reports for Sheffield Live!